Who do I think I am?!

Liza Kos

Liza Kos

The stage is her world. It’s where she lets of steam and plays with prejudices of all sorts (’cause if someone has to deal with prejudices, it is Liza Kos). She uses her ready tongue to play with her three fictional characters and the self-image of women. Liza Kos makes no differences. She drags women from all sorts of different nations. From wodka-drinking Russian women who pair miniskirts with white boots, over Turkish wives who always keep an eye on their husband, to German girls separating their waste into endless different bins.

At Ruhr International she presents parts of her multilayered cabaret comedy program called “Who do I think I am?!”. Kos uses this platform to talk about her own (slightly odd) immigration, her home country Russia, Turkey and Germany as her country of choice.

Her “split personality” caused by her immigrant background enables her to slip into various different roles. She offers her audience an entertaining mix of satire, parody, and songs and therefore manages to create a program full of surprises and contrasts.

Photo: Liza Kos / Credit: Michel Kitenge

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