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Osan Yaran

Osan Yaran

Tough yet funny. Silly but nevertheless a hopeless romantic: Osan Yaran tells stories straight from his everyday life; no matter if they’re about his job, his in-laws, his neighborhood (the “Kiez”) or the daily challenges of being a married man. All of his stories are told with a big portion of vitality and an incredible amount of energy. There are enough problems in this world, so why don’t we laugh about them? Differences about the superiority of either Mohammed or Jesus are easily smoothed when you can just agree on Batman. Yaran combines the best of both worlds and as a result the “Ostmane” arises.

In his debut program the comedian portrays his own cheeky take on misunderstandings and communication errors. His special mix of complexity, honesty, and authenticity makes audiences love his stories about the bizarre prejudices Yaran has to face on a daily basis. One moment he confronts his audience with the absurdity of our everyday reality and before you know it he has already returned to his innocent self.

Photo: Osan Yaran / Credit: Robert Maschke

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