Maria Sibylla Merian-Gesamtschule Wattenscheid

Watt'n Zirkus

Watt'n Zirkus

The circus was founded by authorities of the “Maria Sibylla Merian-Gesamtschule” in Wattenscheid. The project group started by doing smaller performances but after a short time they got more and more professional. Now, they host highly respected circus galas and nationwide events. They perform at local city festivals and arrange circus workshops in kindergartens and primary schools. All performers were coached at prestigious schools for artists e.g. in Berlin, Rotterdam, or Tilburg.

The trainings, which involve juggling, acrobatics, aerobatics, unicycling, walking on stilts and much more, take place four times a week. They are offered within the context of project teams, leisure facilities in school breaks or open trainings in the school’s gymnasium. Up to 60 children and teenagers can take part in these playful activities. In addition to offering fun and creative activities for pupils – this way – the Watt’n Zirkus makes a contribution to the development of children’s cultural and social identity.

Photo Watt’n Zirkus / Credit: Watt’n Zirkus

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